You're here because you want to secure the most suitable mortgage arrangement to match your requirements. 
Everyone knows that they can go to their bank, or contact a number of lenders directly to obtain some different rates and fees, but of course by looking for your new mortgage using that method, you'll be spending a huge amount of time repeating the same details to each lender and of course you're not considering the 'Broker only' deals or the exclusive products that Brokers who work in the marketplace, can offer you too. 
Are you currently missing out on personalised, regulated advice? What suits you best? Fixed rates, discounted rates, tracker rates, cashbacks, and what about the product flexibility that you'll need as well? Our professional team of Advisers will discuss redemption charges, products with overpayment options, valuation and legal fees, as well as providing you with a range of options that you're eligible for in a value-based 'total to pay' order which factors in lenders arrangement fees, interest rates, costs and charges, and not just the cheapest initial rate. 
Property Tribes Financial Services can provide you with access to banks, building societies, specialist lenders, challenger banks, pension fund lenders, peer to peer funders, international banks and private client banks too. Between these finance houses we can help you with your purchase or remortgage requirements for; 
commercial properties - self occupy, or investment 
BTL properties - single, portfolio, semi commercial, personally owned or via a Ltd Company 
residential mortgages - purchase, remortgage, further advance, second charges 
bridging finance for short term loans - bridge that gap and secure that deal 
...... and much more. Just ask. 
What do you need right now? Let's discuss this and we'll quote the options. Call us on 01206 654 444, or complete our brief enquiry form below. 
We're here to help. We have over 126 years of combined mortgage Adviser experience. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 



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