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Why Write a Will? 
Simply, when you die without your final wishes stated in a Will, the law will decide who gets what. But also, what if you don't die, and yet are rendered unable to deal with your own affairs? Have you put in place your Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA") yet? Did you know there are two types of LPA's? 
The Will and LPA strategy is such an important part of someones personal estate planning arrangements, yet mostly when we ask 'why have you not got a Will or an LPA in place?' the usual answer is simply 'because I haven't yet got around to it' and never 'because I don't want one'. 
NOW is the time to arrange all of this. Call us on 01206 654 444 or email advice@ptfs.co.uk 
If your family situation is such that it does not follow the ‘rules’, then no one will receive any of your possessions other than the government. Is that what you want? 
Wills and Estate Planning services are referred to a third party. Neither Property Tribes Financial Services nor PRIMIS are responsible for the service received. These services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and may have limited consumer protection. 
For full details of our comprehensive service, a copy of our Terms of Business and a price list of the full range of estate planning services provided, call us on 01206 654 444, or complete the enquiry form below, and we will refer you to an authorised adviser. 
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