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When you die without your final wishes stated in a Will, the law will decide who gets what. But also, what if you don't die, and yet are rendered unable to deal with your own affairs? Have you put in place your Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA") yet? Did you know there are two types of LPA's? 
The Will and LPA strategy is such an important part of someones personal estate planning arrangements, yet mostly when we ask 'why have you not got a Will or an LPA in place?' the usual answer is simply 'because I haven't yet got around to it' and never 'because I don't want one'. 
NOW is the time to arrange all of this.  
If your family situation is such that it does not follow the ‘rules’, then no one will receive any of your possessions other than the government. Is that what you want? 
The team providing the www. Property Tribes Financial Services.com Will Writing proposition is H D Consultants which is a professional Firm of Advisers who abide by the terms and conditions, and the stringent code of conduct, as set out by The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners (SWW). H D Consultants have been members of the SWW for many years and via their association with The Will Company (our legal document providers), we have £2.5m Professional Indemnity (PI) cover and our team undergo regular continuing professional development. 
Most people do not have a Will.  Even more do not have a valid Lasting Power of Attorney.  You may fall in to this category. 
If you have children under 18, and you don't have a Will ... you need one in order to formally arrange Guardians 
If you own any assets, where will they go if you die without a Will in place?  Ultimately, the choice may not be yours, or your family's. 
Do you own property?  Is it mortgaged?  Are your affairs in order having planned the 'what if' re a premature demise? 
You may have charitable wishes, or specific funeral wishes, or medical donation wishes .... but who knows?  A Will can detail all of this for your family to understand and be able to carry out. 
You may need to have a complex Will or it might take time for a comprehensive Will be written for you, or indeed you may just need a simple, basic Will .... we are so concerned that most people don't have one at all, so we suggest GET A BASIC SIMPLE WILL DONE NOW, and then start to progress a more detailed one (if necessary) in due course, BUT AT LEAST GET ONE IN PLACE NOW ANYWAY - and WE WILL PAY FOR THIS FOR YOU. 
* The ONLY CAVEAT to qualifying for a FREE basic single or joint Will is that you agree to, and carry out, a mortgage and insurance review with one of our Brokers. * 
There we go, that is the 'catch'.  In exchange for a professionally drafted, legally binding single or joint (aka 'mirror') Will, all we ask is that you have your current mortgage and insurance arrangements and your current and future strategies discussed and reviewed with us.   
There is no cost or charge or obligation for this initial review.  We might even be able to show you how we can save you money, maximise your current benefits and give you help and ideas for now and the future, and it will all be entirely at our cost. Win Win. 
In summary; 
agree to a review 
receive our recommendations 
you choose whether to progress any of our mortgage and insurance recommendations, or not (no charge if you don't) 
you receive a fully funded single or joint Will 
that's it. 
By the way, using our free online Will Writing service; 
You can make your Will Online in 15 Minutes 
Exactly 791 people have used the system to create their Will in the last 28 days (as at 16/7/21) 
Every will and document is fully checked by a team of experts who over the last 10 years have drafted over 20,000 Wills. 
This same team is available if you need any help along the way, so you really are in safe hands 
Please note; Our Will system provides legal forms and legal information. It is not / We are not a law firm, we cannot provide legal advice and any advice should be obtained from a suitably qualified professional. 
To apply for this fully funded Will service, please complete the enquiry form below. 
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